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Wishlist: Roles I Want Him to Play

Father of an aspiring rapper

That's oddly specific, isn't it? Well, here's the thing: Adrien is really into Hip Hop (he also makes beats and has produced some rap tracks), but has never really done a role showcasing that love.

What I envision: A short film would probably be best. His kid (teen, or early 20s, any gender) is trying to make it as a rapper, but their dad (Brody) is trying to talk them out of it. Later on, his kid finds a box in the attic full of relics of their dad's own failed rap career. A scene where Brody raps is, of course, mandatory! He actually can, by the way.

Killer in a Horror/Thriller

No, Giallo does not count! That movie was horrible, his makeup was horrible (he looked like Bruce Springsteen after a disfiguring run-in with acid), his Italian accent was tragic. I need a redux. A killer with his actual face, his actual voice in an actual good quality horror.

Superhero/Comic Book film

Not as a caped crusader, but maybe as a scientist or villain (or scientist villain). He was actually considered for Joker (the time Heath Ledger got it, so that was probably for the best) and was on a list (though I'm not sure how official said list was) for Dr. Strange (that went to Benedict Cumberbatch). Something like that would be wonderful. Or, pull a James Spader and voice a robot, alien, etc...

My Granted Wish: Dummy
When I first started watching Brody's films, I noticed that most of his characters have a swagger/cockiness to them. I said, "you know, I would love to see him play some shy nebbish of a guy." Then Dummy came into my life. Wish granted!

His look was different, his voice was different, his whole body language was different. He was Steven. He was transformed into a hybrid of Woody Allen, himself and Edgar Bergen. He did all of the ventriloquism and puppetry live, also, with no post-dubbing. Very cool.

Now, I find ventriloquist dummies very creepy, so that part wasn't that fun for me, but the character of Steven was still a dream come true.

More to come