His Work

My Thoughts

My Fandom

Why Adrien Brody?
My reasons for admiring him so.

A Fan's Process
My journey into fandom. It was actually about a decade-long process.

Parts I want, no, need to see Brody play. I also address some granted wishes.

On His Work

Favorite Brody Films
Just a chronological list of films I adore that Adrien was in. Movies I'd likely enjoy even without him. A detailed page on my favorite characters/performances is coming. That is really a different animal altogether.

Top 10 Adrien Brody Movies
An article I wrote for MovieBabble (opens in a new window). Basically my top 10 as of February of 2018.

Guilty Pleasure: Psycho Ed from "High School"
If loving Ed is wrong, I don't wanna be right.

Ritchie & Ruby: An Unconventional Love Story
A piece about my favorite characters from Summer of Sam.

Urban Legend: Natural Born Killers
My attempt to put a misconception to rest.

Getting It Off My Chest

An Open Letter
About the Halle Berry incident at The Oscars.