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Urban Legend: Natural Born Killers

While we're discussing parts Adrien Brody has played, let's discuss a part he definitely did not play: the camera man in Oliver Stone's Natural Born Killers.

I'm not sure when or how this urban legend began, but it's everywhere. It even used to be on his IMDb and Wikipedia pages!

There was even an article published here featuring "the cast of Natural Born Killers, then and now" that included him. However, it's plain to see the person in the screen capture they provide is not Adrien! Observe... man on the right: Adrien, man on the left: not so much.

Is he of a similar physical "type?" Sure. I can kind of see where the untrained (read: not a fan) eye may get it wrong. Once in a while. But why is it listed in his credits everywhere (but here)? You'd think someone along the way would've noticed they've got the wrong guy. This man also has a tall, slim build and certain features are similar, but there's a difference between seeing a resemblance and actually mistaking one actor for another.

For further comparison:

Here's a screen capture of Adrien from Angels in the Outfield. I purposely chose one of similar (grainy) quality. This is what Brody looked like when Natural Born Killers was made. Hopefully, you can spot the differences and trust me that this is not the man who played "uncredited camera man." Hopefully this can be put to rest. And hopefully, the actual actor can get some credit for his work someday.

He says so, too!

In a May, 2016 interview, Adrien actually addressed this rumor. You can listen to it below (embedded from YouTube). He comes in at 2:06:50 and discusses Natural Born Killers at 2:16:30.