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A "shrine" site is not a place of worship. Adrien Brody is my favorite actor, not a god. Shrine sites are basically deep dives into a specific topic (character, animal, book, etc). The shrine owner shares facts about, as well as their opinions on, that topic. Please visit the sites mentioned below (Fleurs de Mal, and Amassment) for more information.

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Hello! I am glad you are here. This is "," formerly part of Emotionally Evocative, which is now strictly a fanlisting. More about that transition below.

I hope you will stay a while, and read some of my musings about this man (and some facts about him, too). I can go on and on (and often do), so there will always be more added.

Recent Updates

October 2, 2020: Fixed the "my collection" pages.
See the updates blog for more information.

A bit of history
I was part of a wonderful online community called Amassment, for people who create a specific type of fansite known as a "shrine." I say 'was,' because the site seems to have been abandoned. When I first discovered their message boards, they were encouraging fanlisting owners to add a little more content to their fanlistings. It really spoke to me. As I read more about shrining, I felt like I was among "my people."

So, I padded the Adrien fanlisting with shrine content. It reached a point where the fanlisting seemed a bit buried, so I moved the shrine to its own domain (and left the fanlisting where it was). And here we are.

A new beginning
Recently, a new shrine community was created, by and for those of us who really missed Amassment. The idea was not to replace it, but to have an active option. Mal really put in the work, and it looks beautiful. Please visit Fleurs du Mal for more about shrines.

Thanks for being here!

By the way, I also run...

Emotionally Evocative, the Adrien Brody fanlisting, a blog where I review each of his films.